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Using HE Bleach in Your Washing Machine

Do you have to use H.E. bleach in an HE washer? Find out more about using high efficiency bleach vs regular bleach in your washing machine when doing laundry.

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Do I have to use Clorox® High Efficiency Bleach in my HE washer or can I also use Clorox® Regular-Bleach?


This is a great question! How long have you had your HE washer? It’s great that you are making sure whatever laundry products you use in it are appropriate. You can use both Clorox® Regular Bleach2 and Clorox®High Efficiency Bleach in your HE washer—which one you choose is really up to you. Many consumers prefer the thicker formula of the HE product because it makes it easier to safely pour directly into the bleach dispenser. Laundry “minimalists” on the other hand just want to use Clorox® Regular Bleach2 because they limit themselves to only a handful of cleaning products on hand and they like the versatility of the regular product and its many other uses around the home. Regardless of which product you choose, always be sure to fill the bleach dispenser to the “max-fill” line to be sure you get the maximum amount of bleach active the dispenser allows you to add, especially important for machines with smaller capacity bleach dispensers. It’s definitely a personal choice—fortunately it’s not as important as making sure you only use a detergent specially formulated for your HE washer. That’s critical to prevent oversudsing, which can happen when traditional detergents originally formulated for deep-fill washers are used in a HE washer.