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Ultimate Care Bleach


I would like to wash my fine washables with Clorox® Ultimate Care® Bleach. Do I use it full strength or do I mix it with something so it is not as strong?


How you use Clorox® Ultimate Care Bleach depends on your needs for the items you are washing.  You can add it along with your favorite detergent to gently whiten the entire load you are washing.  You can also use it full strength to pre-treat a stain as long as the item is white and you wash it immediately after pre-treating.  Additionally, since it has the same sodium hypochlorite active as Clorox® Regular Bleach2 (but at a lower level) you should not use it for washing wool, silk, mohair, leather and spandex.  Pay special attention to the garment care labels, and check for small percentages of these fibers. For example, even small amounts of spandex in cotton tops should not be bleached. 

Readers, do you prefer to wash your delicates in a washer or by hand?