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Start Clean

Here’s to clean slates and new beginnings.

See how a clean start can transform lives.

Clorox Spokesperson and cleaning expert Vanesa Amaro shows extraordinary people the power of a fresh start. Watch these inspiring stories.

Let’s start clean.

At Clorox, we’ve always known that clean matters. Scientific studies link clean living spaces with real life benefits, like healthier eating choices, better sleep, even healthier mindsets. See how clean can transform every part of your day.

Start clean with peace of mind.

A clutter-free environment soothes the mind.1 We believe a clean living space can help create a happier home for the whole family.

Start clean with sharper focus.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to be more attentive, focused and productive when your workspace is free of dirt and clutter?2

Start clean with a good night’s sleep.

Nothing refreshes the body and mind like a solid night of restful sleep. Not surprisingly, many people tend to sleep better in a clean bedroom.3

Start clean with a healthier diet.

Here’s a little food for thought. A clean environment can actually lead to healthier eating choices.4

Start clean with good study habits.

Kids tend to study better in clean spaces, and people who grow up in clean homes stay in school longer.5 Now you know.

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