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Introducing New Clorox® UltimateCare™ Premium Bleach

OK—I’m finally letting out the secret about the new Clorox bleach product I’ve been alluding to in my posts for the last several weeks. We’re launching Clorox® UltimateCare™ Premium Bleach. We call it “The Unexpected Bleach!” Big drum roll and trumpet noises, please!!

There are always projects in the works in our lab; I’m particularly pretty proud of this newest bleach development. It started by listening to consumers tell us how we could improve liquid bleach and what properties/benefits they were seeking in a new bleach. Then, the team set out to build and test a variety of formula and package prototypes. After nearly two years of testing and tweaking this truly innovative product and fine-tuning the whole proposition, I think we’ve nailed it.

Hopefully you are seeing the product already appearing in your grocery store or mass retail store’s laundry aisle. To help spread the word, we have a really neat introductory TV commercial, “Trees”, that I helped shoot and an awesome print ad that will be in several leading magazines starting this month. In addition, a number of you may be in line for a free sample in our door-to-door program. More details on these items in my next post.

So give me the FACTS!!

Our challenge was to make a bleach product that delivered the great bleach benefits (whitening, cleaning, stain and soil removal) while being gentler bleach for white clothes—just goes to show that your comments and feedback really do matter! Tom and his team did an incredible job methodically picking thru the choices and wait until you see what they have done for you.

  • So what have we done? By reducing the bleach level, adding buffering agents and other ingredients to stabilize the bleach, we made a THICK, CREAMY liquid. Doesn’t look like any bleach I ever saw. Also, the thicker formula means less splashing, something everyone wants with liquid bleach.
  • This also makes it gentle enough to POUR DIRECTLY on bleachable fabrics. Wow do you believe that?? A real time saver. If you need to pretreat, pour it right on. In a hurry, pour it over the bleachable whites and away you go.
  • And we are not thru yet! The SOFT COTTON™ scent completes our aesthetic package. Wait until you smell this on your wet laundry. You can’t tell it has been washed in bleach.
  • Finally, those new ingredients can leave your laundry with touch of SOFTNESS. Nice little extra for everyone.

How’s that for UNEXPECTED? Ever hear of a liquid bleach that could do all of those things? More soon!