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I have grease spots on my new shirt from frying hamburgers. Please help!


I have grease spots on my new shirt from frying hamburgers. Please help!


What’s the fiber content of your shirt, and what are the washing instructions? I’m going to assume it’s machine washable, but if it’s not — if it’s labeled dry clean only — then take it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. Show them the stains and tell them it’s food grease so they will properly pretreat the stains as part of the cleaning process.

If your shirt can be machine washed, start by pretreating the stains with a little liquid dishwashing detergent (the kind you use for hand washing dishes). You want to do this when the stains and the fabric are dry; that is, don’t rinse it first! If you have rinsed the shirt, then just let it air dry before you begin. Start by applying a few drops of detergent directly to the stains, and gently rub it in. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse with a little warm water. Now you can pretreat the stain again, this time with a little liquid Cloro x2®. Apply a little to the stained area, rub in and let stand for 5–10 minutes before machine washing in the warmest water recommended on the garment care label using detergent and more Clorox 2®. Let the shirt air dry, and check for success. If any grease remains (usually if part of the stain didn’t get pretreated) you can repeat the treatment and get the stain out all the way.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for writing!