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Sanitizing Pet Bowls


How much Clorox® Regular Bleach2 is needed to sanitize pet bowls?


Here’s how to use Clorox® Regular Bleach2 to sanitize food and water dishes for pets:

  1. Wash the bowl with soap and water.
  2. Prepare a bleach solution:  add 1 Tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon of water.
  3. Fill the pet dish and wipe down the exterior with the bleach solution.
  4. Let it stand for 2 minutes, then drain the solution and let the dish air dry.

This will work very well on plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic dog dishes.  You don’t want to bleach aluminum, however, so hopefully that’s not what your pet dishes are made of!

How many readers sanitize their furry companions’ bowls?

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