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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

Eliminating Bleach Smell from Clothing

By Dr. Laundry June 20, 2011

Q:  How do I get the Clorox® Bleach smell out of my blouse which is made of rayon?

A:  To remove a lingering bleach smell from a garment, try a pre-soak with liquid Clorox2® Stain Remover and Color Booster.  Just fill the cap to line 1 and add it to 2 gallons of water.  Fully submerge the shirt for 5 minutes.  This should be enough to allow the hydrogen peroxide in Clorox2® to react with any residual chlorine on the shirt.  Then thoroughly rinse the shirt and allow it to air dry. 

Do you have a favorite Clorox2® Stain Remover and Color Booster scent?  Mine is Lavender!