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How to Remove Curry Stains From Clothes

Curry is delicious but a tough stain to remove. Follow our stain remover tips to learn how to get curry stains out of clothing like white clothes and fabrics.

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How Do I Remove Curry Stains From Clothing?


Curries can vary widely–from the spices used to the meat, tofu, or vegetables cooked in the sauce.  Since most curry sauces start with a little oil used to brown the meat or sauté vegetables, it’s important to consider that first when working on these stains.  The basic technique is to pretreat the oily component of the stain first; then you can work on any color from the spices, taking into consideration the color of the fabric and its composition.  Here’s what you can try:

Starting with dry fabric–that is, don’t rinse it first–apply a little liquid dishwashing detergent (the kind you use for hand washing dishes) and gently rub it into the stain.  This breaks up the oily component of the stain.  Wait 5 minutes then rinse the stain with a little warm water.  Next, pretreat the stain again to work on the colored component.

For white bleach-safe fabrics (avoid bleaching wool, silk, mohair, leather, and spandex) you can pretreat with a bleach and water solution made with ¼ cup Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach added to ¾ cup water. Apply the bleach and water solution to the stain and then immediately machine wash the item using detergent and ⅓ cup Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach. Let the item air dry and then check for success. It’s always important to keep an item out of a hot dryer while you are working on getting a stain out. If any stain remains, you can repeat the treatment with a better chance of success when the stain hasn’t been tumble dried.

For items with color (or white items that include a small percentage of spandex–check that care label!) pretreat with Clorox 2® For Colors Stain Remover and Laundry Additive. Apply a little directly to the stain and gently rub it in. Wait 10 minutes (set a timer to keep track of the time) and then wash in the warmest water recommended on the item care label using detergent and more Clorox2®. Air dry and check for success, and repeat if necessary.

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