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How to Disinfect a Laundry Room

Follow these disinfecting tips in laundry rooms to help prevent the spread harmful viruses, including COVID-19, at home or in shared laundry spaces.

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Living with essential workers

While many people are sheltering at home, if people in your household need to leave on a daily basis, they should immediately take off their clothes and put them in the hamper or laundry bag upon return.

Even if they did not experience confirmed exposure to COVID-19, they should not re-wear any clothing (including jeans, sweaters, sweatshirt, etc.) until after it has been laundered.1

Shared laundry rooms

If using a shared laundry room in an apartment building or condominium, be sure to disinfect all hard, nonporous surfaces, adhering to your surface disinfectant’s contact time to ensure effective disinfection. Always use a disinfecting cleaning product to clean your laundry room. If there are other people in the laundry room at the same time as you, practice safe social distancing of 6 ft.5

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Wash hands after handling laundry

Additionally, immediately after leaving the laundry room or touching dirty clothes, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you). Avoid touching your face or any other items while in the laundry room.6