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How to Remove Color Bleeding From Clothes

You know what can happen if you happen to wash a dark colored garment with your white clothes. Luckily, you might be able to salvage your tinted laundry with a little knowhow and a little bleach.

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Most new garments can bleed a bit for the first few laundry cycles, so washing newer items alone or only with like colors is a great way to avoid dye transfer. But to restore items that have picked up fugitive colors in the wash cycle, you can try a bleach soaking solution, as long as the items are safely bleachable.

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What you need

Steps to remove ink from clothing

  1. 1

    Check fabrics for bleachability

    First, be sure items are bleachable. Check for colorfastness before proceeding.


    Never bleach wool, silk, mohair, leather or Spandex.

  2. 2

    Mix a bleach solution

    Combine ¼ cup bleach and 1 gallon cool water in a dishpan.

  3. 3

    Soak items

    Wearing gloves, soak clothing in bleach solution for up to – but no longer than – 5 minutes.

  4. 4

    Rinse and dry

    Rinse out the items thoroughly with clean water, and air dry.

  5. 5

    Repeat if necessary

    If items are still discolored, repeat the bleaching process.