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How to Prepare for Back to School

The first day of school can be overwhelming for everyone, students and parents alike. We assembled this handy shopping list to help take some of the stress out of your back to school routine.

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This year, make sure you’ve got all the classroom essentials covered for your kid’s first day of school. We’ve created a downloadable version of this list, complete with recommendations for items you can donate to local classrooms. Feel free to print out a checklist and add your own entries. Together we can make back-to-school season happier, healthier and better than ever!

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First day back-to-school checklist

What to pack:

⃞    Laptop or tablet

⃞    Pencils

⃞    Lined paper

⃞    Crayons

⃞    Water-based markers

⃞    Ruler

⃞    Glue stick

⃞    Clear tape

⃞    Kleenex® Ultra Soft™ Tissues

⃞    Spiral-bound or composition notebook

⃞    Pencil case

⃞    Pencil crayons

⃞    Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes On the Go

⃞    Clorox® Disinfecting Mist

⃞    Insulated lunch box or bag

⃞    Water bottle

⃞    Backpack

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Print out the full Back-to-School Checklist

We know that teachers and schools across the country can use donations from local families. That’s why our downloadable checklist includes two sections — What to Pack and What to Donate. Print one out for yourself, pencil in your own items, and consider donating some classroom essentials to a school in your community. 

Download the Checklist >