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How to Get Cheese Out of Clothes

Cheese is delicious but can be messy. Follow our cheese stain removal tips to learn how to remove cheese from clothes including nacho and melted cheese stains.

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I melted some shredded cheese in a tortilla for a snack. When I started eating it, some of the oil from the cheese oozed out the side of the tortilla and down my cotton (light green) shirt and onto my blue jeans. Do you have any suggestions for how I should treat the stains?


Since it is an oily stain, do not wet it before proceeding. The best option for this probably is to pretreat with a good liquid detergent (Liquid Tide) or dishwasher detergent (Dawn). Try applying; rubbing into oil stain; waiting 5–10 minutes; then washing in the warmest water recommended for the item. Always check for success before drying, or consider air drying so you don’t “set” the stain if it’s not completely removed. If not completely removed, repeat the procedure.