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Thank you for supporting teachers!

This back to school season, ten lucky sweepstakes entrants won $5,000 for themselves along with $5,000 for a teacher of their choice. We want to thank everyone who joined us as we celebrated and supported teachers, our real-life superheroes. 

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For the second year in a row, we’re donating $1M to support teachers.

Not all heroes wear capes, and once again it’s teachers who are stepping up to guide students through uncertain times. That’s why, for the second year in a row, we’re donating $1M to supply teachers with classroom essentials, from crayons and books to disinfecting wipes and masks. Visit DonorsChoose to see how we’re empowering superhero teachers across the country.

Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Maintain a Schedule During stay-at-home days, scheduling timed activities can help maintain a sense of structure.
Be Whiteboard-Ready Keep a dry-erase board handy so kids can learn and create wherever, whenever during the school season.
Focusing At Home Play calming music, clean up distracting clutter and stow those non-educational devices out of the way.
The DIY Pop-Up Desk Keep a small folding desk in the house so you can instantly turn any room into a cozy workspace.
Wash Your Hands and Sing Make a healthy hygiene habit fun by singing the happy birthday song twice during handwashing.
Clear Beats Clutter Use see-through containers for back-to-school supplies to make it easier for kids to access the tools they need.
Keep Counters Clear Display artwork and great grades on mounted bulletin boards to free up valuable workspace at home.
Make A “Need It Now” Bin Choose a designated bin for “need it now” school essentials like scissors, glue and markers.
Must. Save. All. Art. Whether it’s created in the classroom or at home, store artwork in folders to maintain a tidy workspace.

“I’m proud to support Clorox’s efforts to thank all of the superhero teachers who ensured that their students could learn no matter the circumstances!”

As an elementary educator and social influencer who has used her platform to help teachers get the support they need, Courtney Jones offers the following five helpful tips for learning this year:

  • Rule Your Routine

    When it comes to extracurricular activities or classroom activities, routines help children stay focused and on task! If you’re a parent, create a calendar or schedule with a designated time each day to check in with your child about upcoming activities, projects, or tests so you’re all on the same page. If you’re a teacher, stick to a schedule for certain activities like snacks, breaks and outdoor time.

  • Go Outside the Box

    Consider mixing up classroom studies to reinforce classroom learnings. If you’re a parent, on the weekend, take your budding biologist to the nearby aquarium, and ask your aspiring writer to journal a story about the day. If you’re a teacher, see if you can create a garden or a butterfly haven outside the classroom.

  • Stay Organized

    Whether at home or in the classroom, a clean and organized space helps kids focus. Clear bins with items labeled and books and toys organized on shelves give a sense of order, and also responsibility for putting them back where they belong.

  • Prevent Germs

    Teachers and parents both know that the start of the school season also means the return of colds and flu. Keep up healthy habits by disinfecting high-touch surfaces in the classroom and at home, washing your hands regularly, and staying home at the first sign of illness.

  • You’ve Got This!

    The first day of school can be nerve wracking for parents and teachers, too! Start the day with a pep talk with your child, but also give yourself a pat on the back for successfully starting another school year. You can do it!

Thank you for supporting teachers!

We want to thank everyone who participated in our back-to-school sweepstakes.