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Enter for a Chance to Win $20K for Your School

Join us as we support our students and teachers, wherever the classroom may be.

Good luck to everyone who entered this sweepstakes. If you missed our entry deadline, be sure to , and stay in the loop on upcoming promotions, household cleaning tips, product updates and more.

Supporting Teachers, Parents & Students

Clear The List plus Clorox

Clorox Is Donating $1 Million to ClearTheList

To show our appreciation for teachers across the country, Clorox is donating $1M to the ClearTheList Foundation. Together we can provide resources to educators on the front lines of an unprecedented back-to-school season.

Back to School Tips for Parents

Maintain a Schedule During stay-at-home days, scheduling timed activities can help maintain a sense of structure.
Be Whiteboard-Ready Keep a dry-erase board handy so kids can learn and create wherever, whenever during the school season.
Focusing At Home Play calming music, clean up distracting clutter and stow those non-educational devices out of the way.
The DIY Pop-Up Desk Keep a small folding desk in the house so you can instantly turn any room into a cozy workspace.
Wash Your Hands and Sing Make a healthy hygiene habit fun by singing the happy birthday song twice during handwashing.
Clear Beats Clutter Use see-through containers for back-to-school supplies to make it easier for kids to access the tools they need.
Keep Counters Clear Display artwork and great grades on mounted bulletin boards to free up valuable workspace at home.
Make A “Need It Now” Bin Choose a designated bin for “need it now” school essentials like scissors, glue and markers.
Must. Save. All. Art. Whether it’s created in the classroom or at home, store artwork in folders to maintain a tidy workspace.
Courtney Jones

“As an elementary school teacher, I'm here to help students and provide resources for teachers regardless of what this back-to-school season looks like.”

  • Mix & Match

    Change up your children's study habits in subjects they struggle with by using a combo of traditional and online methods like flashcards, printable worksheets or creating a fun game to help.

  • Learn Wherever You Can

    Learning doesn't just have to happen in the classroom or at the dinner table. Take advantage of the unique opportunity during back-to-school season or an at-home environment by taking your student outside to discover new things. Take a nature walk and have them document and memorize animals, leaves or birds.

  • Take A Break

    The school day is long, so ensure that children learning from home have several mini “recess” breaks throughout the day to give them some needed fresh air.

  • Ask For Help

    Don't be afraid to connect with your children's teachers and other parents to share or learn new teaching tips. Be a support system for one another while tackling back-to-school together.

  • Patience Is Key

    Be patient with your children and yourselves as we go back to school. Everyone has had a different way of handling all the unique challenges this back-to-school season has presented. You can do this!

Keep Your Family Safe This Back-to-School Season

To learn more about ways to stay healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19 for back-to-school safety, click here.