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Our Causes

Small Bottle, Big Impact

Harnessing the power of bleach to create a world where everyone can thrive

a clorox bottle against a mountain range
As the world's most available disinfectant, Clorox bleach helps people from around the world thrive in ways you might find surprising.

How We Help Others

a woman and child collecting water

The Safe Water Project

Clorox is leading an effort to address the chronic problem of unsafe drinking water in Peru.

an oak tree

Our Environmental Commitment

As the world's most available disinfectant, Clorox bleach plays a special role in a variety of unique environmental causes.

a man and woman packing boxes

Bleach's Big Role in Disaster Relief

Natural Disaster Preparedness During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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a group of children

The Safe Water Project

Keeping water safe in Peru.

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a woman waving

World Water Day

Improving access to clean drinking water, one drop at a time.

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a man checking a child's heartbeat

Helping to Stop the Spread of Disease

In Ebola Crisis, Medicine and Gear Save Lives.

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