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A New Way to Detect an Increase of Coughs and Sneezes In the Classroom

Add your local school to the waitlist to help test this innovative technology.

Classroom Confidence

Add Your School to the Waitlist

Recognizing schools are looking to use every available tool to minimize the spread of germs in classrooms, Clorox developed an innovative technology to identify increases in coughs and sneezes, which may disperse germs into the classroom. We are now accepting waitlist submissions to help test this tool that alerts schools when there’s an uptick detected to help inform cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

Please see school submission details below.

How It Works

The new technology from Clorox will help determine if a classroom might be experiencing elevated rates of coughs and sneezes. The tool will alert schools when a classroom has surpassed a predetermined number of coughs and sneezes over a defined time period, developed in consultation with epidemiologist Dr. Saskia Popescu. The end goal is an ability to help schools make informed decisions about cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

  • How it works - Step 1

    The proprietary software uses audio indicators to recognize a rise in coughs and sneezes.

  • How it works - Step 2

    When the tool detects an increase in coughs and sneezes surpassing a predetermined threshold, educators receive notifications.

  • How it works - Step 3

    Schools can then take actions to help prevent the spread of germs by following their own internal disinfection protocols.

Now you can submit your school to join our waitlist to help test this innovative technology from Clorox. With your help, we can fight the spread of germs in our nation’s classrooms, together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are schools selected for this pilot program?

    Schools will be selected to participate in the initial testing phase of the program based on a number of criteria, including, but not limited to, plans for in-classroom learning during the 2020-2021 school year, location, interest in and ability to participate in all aspects of the program.

  • Will this technology let schools and parents know if a student in the classroom has COVID-19?

    This technology is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, cure, treat or prevent disease. The tool does not detect the presence of any specific germ, virus or illness in a classroom, and the rate of coughs and sneezes may or may not reflect the health of individuals in the classroom. The tool does not address situations where germs may be spread in the absence of coughs and sneezes. The tool is not intended to replace other measures schools are implementing to control the spread of germs in the classroom, such as temperature checks, face mask requirements, and social distancing protocols, among others.

    The technology is designed only to detect increases in coughs and sneezes, which can disperse germs into the surrounding environment. It is intended to help schools identify classrooms experiencing a high rate of coughs and sneezes leading to more germs on classroom surfaces to inform their existing disinfection protocols.

  • Is this technology listening to or recording children in the classroom?

    The technology does not record classroom audio. The software uses a custom machine learning algorithm pulling from a library of classroom noises to identify if the sound has the frequencies and amplitude of a cough or sneeze. When the algorithm identifies a cough or sneeze, the system logs it as a “hit.” All audio is created and logged as a visual representation of the sound (in other words, a “spectrogram”).

  • Is this technology storing data about individual children in the classroom that Clorox can use?

    No. The audio is processed to alert schools when there’s been an increase in coughs and sneezes, and never saved on the tool or pushed to any server. All data will be aggregated or de-identified in a manner that does not allow such information to identify any specific individual student.

School Submission Details

Submission of a school does not guarantee participation in this beta-test phase or acquisition of the technology. Schools will be selected based on several criteria, including plans for in-classroom activity during the 2020-2021 school year and school location. Clorox will beta test the tool in up to 100 classrooms over the next year to gather data and to optimize technology performance.

Schools will be notified if selected. Participating schools will receive digital resources from Clorox with recommended prevention protocols and tips for teachers and families, as developed by Clorox disinfection experts and leading epidemiologists.