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How to Get Lip Gloss Out of Clothes

Lip gloss is great but greasy. Follow our stain removal tips to learn how to get lipgloss out of washed clothes, jeans, and fabrics even if it&;s after drying.

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Another reader question – this one about lip gloss left in a pocket during the wash.

“I washed a load of jeans with some cargo pants at the laundromat. Everything was fine with the pants after I looked at them when they finished washing, so I put them into the dryer. When my clothes were finished drying I took them out and noticed that grease stains were on every pair of pants that were in there. Then I noticed that I left lip gloss in one of the pants, and they all were ruined.”


How unfortunate, especially with so many different pieces of clothing impacted!

The good news is that it is possible to get stains that have been though the dryer, even oily ones, out with a little pretreating! In fact, we have a lot of detail on how to do this in our newer article, Removing Stains From Clothes that Have Dried. I hope you will check it out!