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How to Get Concrete Out of Clothes

Cement stains can be a challenge, especially with dried concrete. Check out our concrete remover tips to learn how to remove cement and concrete from clothes.

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I am currently utilizing Portland cement in my job, and my crew and I are getting small amounts of the cement on our work clothing. Sometimes…not so small. We are all familiar with the hazards associated with Portland cement on bare skin…however, we are not faring so well with the Portland on our clothing! I was wondering what you might recommend to remove Portland cement from cotton (shirts) and denim (jeans) clothing?


This one kind of baffles me. I do not have any direct experience with Portland cement other than some fence post settings.

As for dealing/ removing it, that would seem very difficult. It probably is pretty abrasive to the clothes and then when it gets wet and dries I imagine it’s even more difficult to remove. My best guess would be find a way to deal with it in powder state, and remove as much as possible before it wets and hardens. If it gets to “chunky” state some form of mechanical action is probably best bet for breaking the chunks and getting them to release from the fabric.