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How to Add Bleach to a Front Load Washer

It's time to wash clothes in your new front load washing machine. Learn how to put bleach in your front loader including how much to add and when to add it.

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What’s the right way to use Clorox bleach in my Frigidaire front-loading washing machine? The dispenser drawer has separate compartments for detergent, bleach and fabric softener. How much bleach should I be using? Are there any other points to remember when adding bleach to my machine?


The simple answer for bleach usage in any HE washer is whatever the bleach dispenser capacity happens to be. The only way you can add products to a HE machine is via the built-in dispenser unit and it’s almost impossible to add more without negatively impacting the products in adjacent compartments from the overflow. On the Frigidaire we have in the lab, there is a Min- and Max- level indicator. So, fill the dispenser to the top and that should satisfy your needs.

While you are not adding as much as in a top-loader washer, less water and the fact that the bleach is dispensed a little later in the cycle means this will work for you.