Tips for Using a Toilet Bomb

Ever tried to make a DIY toilet bomb cleaner? Either they don’t stick together or they don’t clean very well. Instead of messing around with an unreliable recipe, try a toilet bomb that actually works.

Making a DIY toilet bomb for cleaning your toilet seems like it should be easy enough, until you have a crumbly mess on your hands. Don’t worry, you can make toilet cleaning fun and skip the hassle — simply drop a Clorox® Foaming Toilet Bomb Toilet Bowl Cleaner tablet into your toilet bowl and watch it create foam as it dissolves. Then use your toilet brush to scrub the foam around the bowl for quick and easy no mess cleaning. Now there’s no need to fool around with an unreliable recipe to make a DIY toilet bomb that may not even last or work well!

What you need

Steps to clean a toilet with a Foaming Bath Bomb

  1. Flush toilet

    Flush the toilet so that only water remains in the bowl before cleaning.

  2. Add a toilet bomb

    Drop 1 Toilet Bomb into the water in the bowl and let it dissolve.

  3. Brush bowl clean

    Use the foam to brush the bowl clean.

  4. Flush the toilet

    When cleaning is complete, flush the toilet.


    When you flush the toilet, rinse the toilet brush in the toilet bowl at the same time before storing it.