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How We're Helping: Our COVID-19 Response

We're working hard to support you, your families, healthcare workers and our greater communities during the coronavirus outbreak.

We're working hard to support you, your families, healthcare workers and our greater communities during the coronavirus outbreak.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Your House for COVID-19

Increasing Production

Right now, clean matters more than ever before. As we all try to keep our families healthy and safe, the need for Clorox products has reached extraordinary levels. We understand that you may be frustrated and even anxious if you're left without a way to disinfect your home. Here's what we're doing to help fix that.

From coast to coast, our teams are working around the clock to maximize supply. Between January and March alone, their tireless efforts have made it possible to increase our supply of disinfectants by 40 million products. Even with this greatly increased output, we know that many will be met with empty shelves or sold out websites. We plan to maintain this elevated level of production, hire more workers and explore new ways to increase capacity in order to get our products to you.

To learn more about products that are effective against coronavirus and where to find them, visit our consumer FAQ page.

Clorox Disinfectant for Coronavirus and COVID-19

Providing Helpful Information

We believe that being armed with knowledge and education can provide comfort and security. That's why we're sharing everything we know about how to help keep you, your family and our communities healthy. We launched a COVID-19 information hub, which includes a list of Clorox products that are effective against COVID-19 per the EPA's Emerging Pathogen Policy and an article about how to make your own bleach disinfecting solution if you're unable to find our other disinfecting products. We've also partnered with The Cleveland Clinic to provide a free online guide that shares practices for households that can help people protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities from further spread of COVID-19.

Clorox Supports Medical and Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

Supporting Healthcare Workers

Across the country, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are putting themselves at risk of infection in order to care for others. Unfortunately, many healthcare workers lack the supplies and resources they need to keep themselves and others healthy. This includes bleach, which plays an essential role in the cleaning and disinfection of hospitals and other care facilities.

Our CloroxPro team, who makes these professional-grade products, has been hard at work trying to keep up with overwhelming demand from frontline responders. Harnessing innovation and elbow grease, they've been able to increase production to create five times more Germicidal Bleach for hospitals. For the first time, they're also starting to deliver 55-gallon drums of bleach to hospitals on the frontlines of this crisis to keep our healthcare facilities clean and safe.

Clorox Products

Giving Back to Communities

Over the years it's been our mission to help communities, frontline personnel and vulnerable populations in times of global health crises and natural disasters. Today is no different.

The Clorox Company, its brands and Foundation have contributed over $12 million to COVID-19 relief in the U.S. and $14 million globally, via product donations and grants to local nonprofits and national organizations supporting caregivers on the frontlines of COVID-19, including Direct Relief, Centers for Disease Control's Foundation and the American Red Cross.