How to keep it

clean when things

heat up.

A how-to guide for cleaning up what summer love leaves behind.

We get it —
Life can be

pretty icky.

But we have your clean-up covered.

So, it’s ok to laugh about it, right?

Do More

Things are going to get
messy. Don't settle for less.*

*Use products as directed.
puppy louvre2
crayon border
Puppy Louvre

(puhp-ee loo-vruh)
Making a piece of art of out your dog's paw print on the floor.
See all of the funny words
"Our house is full of puppy louvre."
"My kitchen floor is like the puppy louvre."

Stain Science

We've got this down to a science.

Find Lingering Lipstick, Calamitous Ketchup and other stains and cleanup in our Periodic Table of Stains on Pinterest.

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Germs beware.
We’ll get you anywhere.

Scream. It's ice cream...

And BBQ sauce...

And cherry juice...

Our cleaning tips never take a summer break

Tell me everything

We'll get you out

of this mess.

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