You’ve always been very a-poochable
They have four legs; we have two. They have a tail and sniff other dog’s behinds; we usually don’t. But when it comes to personality, we may have more in common than we think. Here’s what your favorite dog breed says about you:

The Bulldog — persistent, friendly and calm
You’re determined to get things done, but content to just hang out, too. You might not be the most energetic, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to have a good time.


The Labrador & Golden Retriever — friendly, smart and good-natured
A dependable and warm person, you’re a good friend and companion to many. You love to get outside, and lead an active lifestyle where you get to meet lots of new people.


The German Shepherd — intelligent, courageous and protective
You can be very confident, but like to get to know people before you truly open up. A very loyal friend, you take pride helping those in need and making people happy.


The Beagle — curious, friendly and joyous
You’re dedicated but have a fun playful side that can get you into trouble now and then. Open to new possibilities, you bring many people joy and a fresh perspective on life.


The Pug — charming, lovable and cheery
Always game for a hug, you love affection and being pampered. You’ve learned to live life to the fullest, always taking the opportunity to show your silly side.


The Rottweiler — confident, intense, loyal
You’re most comfortable around family and friends. Although courageous, strangers can make you standoffish as first. What makes you happy is pleasing those you respect the most.


The Yorkshire Terrier — brave, competitive and fun-loving
You thrive off of others, bringing energy to relationships that is rarely matched. Although very social and even feisty, you get things done and don’t lose focus.


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