Ready for the dirt?

All pets need to be cleaned up after, but some are just plain animals…


The chirping’s cute and their feathers are definitely eye-catching. But what you don’t want to catch is falling poop, debris and flying food. Just because they have a cage, doesn’t mean they’ll always use it.



Hay there! And there. Hay everywhere. Because rabbits eat hay, chances are you’ll find it, along with their hair (which they shed often), all over the house. Forget the dust bunnies — you’ve got real ones with real mess.


Teacup Pigs

They’re cute, they’re small (for now), and they’re pigs. Which means if they’re not slopping and splashing, they’re probably just sleeping. Yes they’re smart. But a bored pig can act like, well, a pig.


Newfoundland Dog

Man’s best friend is pretty messy — especially if they’re a Newfoundland breed. Large, with plenty of shedding fur and a mouth that drools like a faucet, feeding time is like a wet t-shirt contest.



It’s one thing to be surprised that they can create a whole franchise about fighting turtles. It’s another to be surprised when a real one goes to the bathroom in your hand (or on your floor).


What messy pets do you know of? Share and comment below!

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