When the going gets tough, the tough cram trash out of the way.

No one ever says they want to grow up to live in a never-ending wonderland of trash and junk that would make a hoarder teary-eyed with envy. But a lot of us did say we wanted to grow up and have kids, which amounts to the same thing: a non-refundable, one-way ticket to Messyland.

I'm not saying we don't break our backs to keep our spaces from becoming live-in landfills, but a kid's ability to make messes is often a superpower that seems to violate Physics, vastly outpacing our ability to keep things together.

This is especially true when we're on the go. Whether it's just a school drop off or a full-blown family road trip, clean-up duty can occasionally get swept (figuratively or literally) under the familymobile's floor mat.

You probably didn't realize, though, that you could improve your automotive trash containment game. So let's just be honest and own this and become better child-chauffeuring slobs together!

Trash-Compartments-of-Cars These are all the most common unofficial trash compartments in most swaggerwagons (if we're really being honest). Obviously it's unromantic for car companies to advertise that their models come with seventeen new and improved trash compartments, but we know the truth.

Parenting can be TOUGH. And when the going gets tough, the tough cram trash out of the way, strap their little wiggly ones in, check all mirrors, and get going.

How to Be a Dad is a paid contributor to Clorox’s SpinCycle helping you navigate the messiness of parenthood.