Baby, meet food. Food, meet shirt.

Grape juice, spaghetti sauce and yogurt, oh my! Introducing your little one to the joys of solid food is one of the sweetest experiences, but it can also get just a little bit (okay, a lot) messy.

Some of our favorite bloggers are sharing their hilariously honest first food experiences, because sometimes you just have to laugh about it.

Photo courtesy of penelopesoasis.com

Yogurt on Repeat
“Your child eats one thing and one thing only. Three times a day, seven days a week, going on over two months now. Any attempts to offer something new or disguise something else within their favorite food is met with shrieks and food sprayed on your walls. You find yourself pulling their high chair into the middle of the room to protect your wallpaper. When this happens, you just have to ride it out. One day, they will want something else.”
—Penelope Guzman, Penelope's Oasis

Photo courtesy of twotwentyone.net

The Bib Diva
“When he is going to eat a potentially messy food, we try to encourage the use of a bib. However, half of the time Owen is all ‘get away from me with that thing.’ Two-year-olds are such divas. But then he gets all upset when he spills food on his shirt. Toddler logic is very flawed.”
—Chelsea McDonnough, twotwentyone.net

Photo courtesy of hellosplendid.com

A Stain "Artiste"
“Blake is the primary stain creator in our family. It’s almost an art for him. When we were first introducing him to solids we were dealing with smushed sweet potatoes and poop (sorry!). Now we have moved on to peanut butter protein bars, a nice ketchup stain here and there, and paint. Since joining the two’s class at preschool, Blake has come to love yogurt and art. Naturally, my favorite shirts of his tend to come home with a healthy dose of ‘I-had-a-blast-today’ paint, grass and yogurt stains to prove it. I have always said that I prefer a child who comes home dirty and clearly has played hard and enjoyed it to one who has been trained to fear getting dirty in the name of fun.”
—Jillian Warner, hellosplendid.com

Photo courtesy of mamaknowsitall.com

Not the Prunes
“Once Ayva started with solids, the clean, pristine baby that I was used to was gone, and we entered toddler-land with a bang and a stained onesie! I was surprised at how messy she got when she ate, but Ayva loved to feed herself and I knew that it was good for her. I would soak her clothes as soon as she was done eating to get food stains out. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn’t. It just depended on what she ate. Bananas usually came out with no problems. Prunes? Forget about it. Many onesies and bibs were sacrificed for this little girl to learn how to eat.”
—Brandi Jeter, mamaknowsitall.com

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