It certainly seems like these are the troubleshooting tips potty trainers are following.

Speaking from experience, new parents can get overwhelmed by the amount of diaper changing that goes on, and as result, they may start looking forward to potty training as an end to life at the changing station. That's because they may not yet fully understand what an absolute sh… poop show potty training can be.

Some kids are pretty good at it and some kids are…well, not. But when we're talking about using the toilet, even "pretty good" can get pretty gross.

Here are three reasons why the Clorox® ToiletWand® System is your must-have potty training sidekick:

  • • It's not a wizard wand but it kills 99.9% of germs, so it's all the magic you need.
  • • Tough scrubbers can take out any nasties inside the bowl (or outside if things get really wild).
  • • The disposable refill heads are preloaded with Clorox® cleaner so you don't have to keep that grody germ farm on a stick hanging around for your little one make their new favorite toy.

Give yourself a break, fellow potty educators. Use the best tools of the trade. You sure are gonna need 'em.

HTBAD is a paid contributor to Clorox’s SpinCycle, helping you navigate the messiness of parenthood.