When messes become brighter, bolder and bigger — they form their own color spectrum.

Kids love color. The brighter the better, and the more the better. When they're at beginning of their kid art careers, they often love it a bit too much.

Even thick kid-resistant construction paper gets warped under a tidal wave of finger paints, or their savage crayon and marker thrashings put deep grooves or tears in their art.

A little art instruction might help them so they don't wind up with a rainbow of dark earth tones by blending too many colors together.

You could try to help them understand this concept by asking them how they'd like it if they listened to three or four of their favorite songs AT THE SAME TIME. Actually, they'd probably think this was a magnificent idea and beg you do make it happen immediately.

Maybe you could use the example of putting breakfast, lunch and dinner into a blender and making a food-shake you have to suck out of a sport bottle. Hmm. Again, that probably wouldn't work, either.

It's really probably best to just let them discover the world of color blending on their on own. They'll ultimate get tired of producing a spectrum of brown to black.

Parents would do well to let them draw outside the lines, and just concentrate on keeping them from drawing outside the paper… on the table, floors, walls, everywhere.

HTBAD is a paid contributor to Clorox’s SpinCycle, helping you navigate the messiness of parenthood.