Cat you feel the love?

Sometimes when times are tough, a good pal is hard to find — unless your roommate is a cool cat. Here’s why cats make things better:


1. They’re the “indoorsy” type.

Sure, it’s nice to get some fresh air. But all the time? At five in the morning? Again before bed? Thankfully, cats aren’t dogs. They’re totally cool with the lounging lifestyle.


2. Tough love.

Cats don’t coddle you with cuddles. Even though they’re affectionate, you get the feeling they have things to do, places to scratch. Which means the time you do get is extra special.

3. Good-hearted.

By petting your cat, you could help relieve stress and lower your heart rate. Unless of course, your heart beats faster every time you see an adorable kitten.

4. Are better mousetrap.

Forget chemicals and dangerous traps. If you want to keep your pad free of pesky critters, just get yourself a kitty.


5. They're a cheap date.

I’m just saying — a can of tuna and some keys on a string are a lot cheaper than a fancy dinner and some 3D movie.

6. Laugh at the bath.

A pet you don’t have to clean is the kind of pet you need in your life. Remember when you mistook the dog shampoo for your own? Cats don’t let that happen.


7. That purr-fect sound.

After a long day at work, it’s instant bliss. That gentle purr from your feline friend is their way of saying, welcome home.

What does your cat do to make your life better? Share and comment below!

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