…and how to keep them clean all party long, whether it’s something old, borrowed, new or blue — these tips are meant for you!

If you’re not in the “I Do” crew, the outfit selections are left to you. Even if you’re a person who champions a single outfit for the entirety of the season — these tips will help you to look your best at nearly every nuptial (even for the outlandish #7).

So take heed, take confidence and take a Clorox 2® Pre-Treat Stain Remover Pen with you, because your “plus one” shouldn’t be an awkward stain.

#1: Formal or Black Tie Wedding
It’s okay to get “gussied up” at formal weddings — everyone else will be wearing their best!

For the ladies, go for floor-length dresses and jewelry pieces that make a big statement. Whichever you decide, stick to one metal of jewelry (silver, gold, etc.), and don’t be afraid to sparkle!

Think of it as a bold, after-hours scheme — deep, rich colors set the mood, or all black outfits keep it classy and chic. Even the simplest black dress with red lipstick will set the look of sophistication.

Men, be sure to check if your event is “Formal” or actually “Black Tie” —because those are different things. Formal wording suggests something slightly less fancy than black tie, which means a tuxedo isn’t required, but the event is still formal enough for one to be appropriate.

If you’d like to go formal, but more casual than a tux, you can get away with wearing a conservative black suit as a substitute. Investing in cuff links, a haircut and a shoeshine will take your cleaned-up look to the next level — the suave sight of you may be attributed to that of a famous secret agent who likes his martinis shaken, not stirred.

Stains to watch out for: Lipstick, Liquor, Food Grease

#2: Cocktail Wedding
Cocktail weddings are the fun cousins of formal weddings — less buttoned up, but still fancy enough to get your swank on.

Men, this is where a blazer with a nice button down dress shirt will do. Go with bold, rich colors (like a maroon or deep gray) and don’t be afraid to try out a pocket square (handkerchief in the front blazer pocket) to complement the look — it will also help you later getting any food stains out!

Ladies, nothing says fun and flirty like a cocktail dress that hits right near your knees. Pair it with some comfy heels, a sleek clutch and tie your hair up — you’ll turn heads when you give yourself a twirl! Get ready to dance the night away in bold, rich colors (like red or silver) or simple black.

This is the time to be elegant and let loose all at once. Keep a Clorox 2® Pre-Treat Stain Remover Pen in your clutch in case you spill eating hors d’oeuvres or out on the dance floor!

Stains to watch out for: Lipstick, Liquor, Food Grease

#3: Garden or Outdoor Wedding
Garden and outdoor weddings can be unpredictable — the weather is one more thing you have to think about! Consider the forecast when planning for the event: a light shawl is suggested even if you’re confident it’ll stay dry.

Ladies, one style tip is to not be afraid to emulate your outdoor surroundings. Think strong, floral prints or pastel colors when coming up with an outfit. Light, flowy daytime dresses will keep you comfortable in the heat. Try lightweight, minimal jewelry and soft-toned makeup — it will enhance your natural beauty (and make sure you wear sunscreen, or at least a floppy sun hat!). For footwear, think about flats or wedges — if the ceremony/reception is in the grass, heels will sink in.

Men, you can dress down (but still look sharp) by playing with your fabric textures — try linen, chinos or khaki slacks with a button-down shirt. Earthy tones will mute your look but remain classy.

Stains to watch out for: Sunscreen, Sweat Stains, Makeup, Dirt, Grass

#4: Casual Wedding
Ultimately, choosing an outfit for this wedding occasion will require your own insight as to how formal the couple really is.

Men, it’s suggested you still wear a button-down shirt to give nod to the event of a ceremony.

Ladies: Day-to-night wear (like a jumpsuit) and cardigans can easily dress up any of your casual looks.

Ladies and men, if you would like to consider more basic style tips, try to avoid wearing plaid with stripes and wear complementing colors. This style of dressing should speak most to who you are and how you look on a daily basis!

Stains to watch out for: Lip Balm, Burger Drip, Deodorant Stains, Red Wine, Beer

#5: Beach Wedding
Ahh, the sun and salty air of a beach wedding. A good rule of thumb is to dress for a beach wedding with what you would wear to a nice restaurant on a sunny day.

More often than not you should plan for warm weather — meaning (formal) hats and sunglasses will be popular accessories. The sand and heat will surely encourage shoe-less or open-toed footwear, but a tip to consider: avoid flip flops unless the bride and groom provides them — leather sandals or t-strap flats will maintain a level of formality to your relaxed look.

Men, a full suit may be uncomfortable in the heat, so try fabrics similar to those suggested for a garden/outdoor party: linen, chinos, khakis and lightweight cotton.

Ladies, it can get windy at beach weddings — so consider how your dress will be affected by it.

Stains to watch out for: Sunscreen, Deodorant Stains, Sweat Stains, Makeup

#6: Vegas Wedding
Vegas weddings aren’t always planned — and can be a result of a fun night out on the town! Anything goes, really, but we wanted to include last minute tips to dress up for the drive-thru.

Flowers will dress up any outfit, even if it means sticking one in your front coat pocket or behind the back of your ear.

If you’re looking to hit the casinos later, don’t be afraid to dress to dazzle — it might help you win big!

Stains to watch out for: Lipstick, Liquor, Food Grease, Red Wine

#7: Dog Wedding
Yes, this is a real thing. Well — it’s a popular enough idea for couples to include their dogs on their big day. Pets can serve as ring bearers, Best Man/Maid of Honor, sign holders or just extremely cute attendees added to the festivities.

Pet-themed clothing can be found online, but be sure to pick up some Clorox® Pet Urine Remover for when they get too excited!

Stains to watch out for: Sweat Stains, Dirt, Grass, Bacon Grease, Burger Drip