Grow up? NEVER!

Being a child is awesome — just ask any little kid! Sure, you can’t eat cookies ALL THE TIME like we adults can but there are no bills, no deadlines at work – heck, there’s no work! No scales showing the impact of all those cookies we’re allowed to eat all the time and no trips to the DMV.

Here are six things normally associated with childhood and children that we adults should not give up just because we’ve grown taller, have beards and go to work every day.

If only our little kids understood how great they have it in getting to sleep for a couple of hours in the middle of EVERY DAY without fear of their boss calling them into the office for an impromptu meeting. I miss naps dearly and wish adulthood didn’t mean growing out of cozy naptimes snuggled up under a warm blankie.


Pajamas All Day
Speaking of judgmental bosses, why can’t we wear pajamas every day like a little kid? Or, at least enjoy the occasional pajama day like they do in grade school! Think of how much happier everyone would be while waiting in line at the DMV or waiting behind that one person who insists on still paying with a checks at the grocery store if we were all wearing footy pajamas. Who’s with me?

Hugs and High-Fives On Demand
No one in their right mind would turn down a child’s cutesy request for a high-five and a hug but in adulthood, those things aren’t always as easy to come by. That’s why I’m proposing a return to childhood where a big hug and a reassuring high-fives are available on-demand like our favorite TV shows.


Making Friends in an Instant
Oh, you like the monkey bars best? Me too! Let’s be BFFs! Who cares about last names (or even first names!), we can hang out, share our lunch and laugh at silly jokes. It should always be this easy to find friendship in the world. It’s just one more way our kids get it right and we should follow suit and not give up on the idea of quick and easy friendships.

Finger Food
Eating with our hands is awesome. This isn’t opinion it is fact and kids know it to be true, but we fancy-pants adults insist on using pointy silver things to transfer food a mere 18 inches from plate to mouth — how silly of us! Not only would we have fewer dishes to do — and no more gross egg yolk encrusted forks in diners — but we’d also recapture the primal joy of eating. Okay, I’ll admit that having more than a few Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel and Clorox 2® Pre-Treat Stain Remover Pens handy will be necessary when we ditch our utensils, but they work so well that we’ll be able to get as messy as we want…as messy as our kids!


Screen Time Limits
We need to practice what we preach to our little ones, so turn off the TV and put down the phones and instead pick up a book (one printed on actual paper), practice an instrument, paint, color, ride a bike, clean our rooms or finish that scrapbook we started but then got bored with. Don’t give up screen time limits just because we’ve grown up.

OWTK is a paid contributor to Clorox's SpinCycle, helping you navigate the messiness of parenthood.