Travel season is upon us.

Got travel coming up? Clorox 2® teamed up with bloggers My Pinterventures, Pink When, Prime Beauty, Champagne Living and Thrifty Jinxy to let you in on some great travel tips, so you can get more out of your trips.

1. Take in the sights while getting those steps in.
One of the best ways to explore a new city is by foot. Or rent a bike. Whether you’re in the city or in the country, biking is great exercise and a great way to see the sights. — Thrifty Jinxy


2. Expect the unexpected and pack accordingly.
Pack enough of your medication, toiletries and a good first aid kit. Don’t forget a Clorox 2® Stain Remover Pen for those red wine stains, because if you’re wearing a light color you want to get rid of that stain without having to scrub and soak in the hotel sink. — Champagne Living

3. Get more out of your luggage. Plan your outfits and plan to re-wear items like jeans.
You only need 2 pairs of shoes. A pair for walking, and a pair for evening. — Champagne Living
Lay out the outfits you will be wearing every day (including any accessories) before packing so that you don’t over pack. — Pink When

4. Use travel time wisely. Sure, you’ve got most of your itinerary planned, but leave some of the details for plane time.
Buy a guidebook for your destination and plan your activities. — Prime Beauty2


5. Avoid hanger (hunger + anger) and save some dough by packing your own snacks.
Packing a cooler with fresh fruits, drinks and snacks is a must. Not only can water be a thirst quencher, it’s good to help with cleaning up messes too. — My Pinterventures