5 Things You Should Be Eating During Football Season


My body is ready.

Professional sports viewing requires strategy and conditioning. You need to fuel yourself with the proper supplies to keep your body in top condition for the grueling task of occasionally jumping up and shouting while clapping. Here are 5 good things to eat during the football season.

1. Chips & salsa.
There is nothing more crowd-pleasing than chips and salsa. (OK, maybe beer — but we’re talking snacks.) Even if some spills on your #1 fan shirt, you can probably play it off as part of the design until you get home and use this tip.

2. Hot dogs.
Hot dogs at a game is an American tradition as old as apple pie. Actually, maybe grab some apple pie too while you’re at it.

3. Salad.
In between bites of bratwurst and beans, try sneaking in some salad. At first, your mouth will grow confused at this experience, but just surrender. This is what the athletes call “healthy eating.”

4. Water.
Just like a top athlete, you can get dehydrated if you cheer and jump but don’t replenish your water. You can even play drinking games with water. They just won’t be fun.

5. Fruit.
Fruit is great because it can act as a healthy dessert. Especially if you pour sugar and/or chocolate all over it. Even then it is still healthy-ish! Right?

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