The strange sound of cold & flu season.

1. Super Soaker. Fully loaded and very, very wet — your tissue can only hold so much before it melts away under all of that mess. Run; don’t walk — to the nearest tissue box or washroom.

2. The Whimper. Someone must have sprinkled a little too much pixie dust in the office. The cutest of the sneezes by far, the whimper is also the daintiest, evoking more “aww” than “eww.”

3. Infinite Blessings. Will. It. Ever. Stop? There’s only so many times someone can say “bless you” before they start ignoring you. Think you can beat the sneezing record? Legend says it’s 977 days of straight sneezing.

4. The Yell Sneeze. We’ve all heard this one — maybe from the other side of town. If you like being the center of attention, this style is perfect. If you don’t, it’s a nightmare. It’s fine. Let it out! We’ll cover our ears.

5. Indecisive. You’ve heard these. Or maybe not — they’re all build-up, no release. All that’s left is a weird tingle in the nose, a feeling of emptiness and more questions than answers.

This may help…

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