5 Differences Between Kid and Adult Birthday Parties


Lots of small talk.

Birthdays mean different things to different folks. To kids they mean fun; to adults they mean planning, buying, cooking and cleaning. Here are the five biggest differences between kid birthday parties and adult birthday parties.

1. Bad presents.
The quality of presents one gets is inversely proportionate to your age. When you’re 7, you get the entire set of awesome robot cars. When you’re 37, you get an entire set of robot floor vacuums. As long as it keeps you from having to bend over, it is a great gift.

2. Guests.
At the kid’s party, you’ll have to talk to a lot of parents who aren’t really your friends. At your party, you’ll have to talk to a lot of parents who aren’t really your friends. Either way, you’ll need to have small talk at the ready. Or fake laryngitis.

3. Cake.
Kids want a sugary cake. In fact, they’d be happy if you served frosted sugar cubes. Adults, on the other hand, are more complicated. We prefer our treats molded into cake pops, so when we eat fifteen of them, we can still convince ourselves we didn’t have dessert.

4. Bruises.
Kid parties often get too crazy with rough-housing and end up in bruises and tears. Adult parties often end up in bruises and tears — but the emotional kind. Make sure to keep a good supply of wipes on hand for the first type of cleanup. And wine for the second.

5. Balloons.
Kids see hours of endless entertainment, batting around these helium-filled treats. Adults see the misshapen blobs that we will trip over for weeks as our children insist on keeping the balloons until they resemble a leaky whoopee cushion.

Remember, it’s a birthday! Even when you’re not a kid anymore, you can have your cake – and eat their cake too.

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