Who will clean up this year?

Acting is an art form that inspires, breaks boundaries and, when you’re a kid, gets you off the hook for bad stuff. Here are some award-winning performances your kids gave:

1. When he explained it was totally his friends’ idea to take the hoverboard on a joyride, in the comedy-adventure “While You Were At Work.”

2. When she swore she totally didn’t just spill cold-pressed juice all over the kitchen floor. We wept, swept and disinfected with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes.

3. The Best Supportive Brother Award goes to your son who brought “We Totally Don’t Have Homework, I Swear” to life, with an exciting dance number.

4. When your daughter pretended she didn’t have the flu for a whole week so she could go to her best friend's birthday party.

5. The ghostly tale of a kid with an imaginary friend who tracked mud in the house. We were on the edge of our seats (and on our hands and knees scrubbing).

What award-winning performance did your kids give this year? Share and comment below!

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