5 Annoying Sick Days Everyone Hates Taking


5 Annoying Sick Days Everyone Hates Taking

Apparently the flu doesn't care what you want.

1. Why couldn't it be yesterday?

You needed an excuse to get out of last night's dinner party, but couldn't find one. But today, sick as a dog and missing work. Can't we schedule illnesses already?

2. You've streamed it all before.

The next season of your favorite streaming-only show hasn't come out yet. And TV soaps and doctors aren't cutting it. Now you're sick and bored.

3. You're On Vacation.

Sick days and vacations shouldn't overlap. Just ask the guy on the rollercoaster with the stomach flu. It's just not fair.


4. Summer Time

It's called cold and flu season for a reason, isn't it? Give us a sick-free summer, at least!

5. Any Wednesday, Ever.

Double Monday, anyone? A mid-week sick day turns one week into what feel like two.

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