The revolution of the New Year’s anti-resolution

With cliché sayings like "New Year, New You" or "Start the Year Off Right," the month of January can seemingly suggest overwhelming pressure to criticize yourself for not being what you, or others, expect you should be.

It’s easy to become focused on being right/wrong, the worst/best or a success/failure. But how can we be so critical of what we are without focusing on knowing or celebrating who we are? With your hectic schedule, you are a superhero in your own right.

Reality check: It’s a new year, but it’s the same you. Typically your next steps involve committing yourself to a list of To-Do or To-Don’t things. As you write them out, your List of Resolutions turns into your List of Rules — ouch!


This year, banish your barriers: Instead of resolving to be a different person, resolve to be good Ol' You, and do the things that make YOU thrive, connect with others, and feel healthy and alive.
No benchmarks, no measures of success or failure. Resolve to keep your wits about you — for the sake of everyone around you, too!

Anti-Resolutions don’t give up on the promise of this coming year, or the promise of being the best version of yourself. Anti-Resolutions celebrate how you uniquely navigate the stresses of your everyday.
So expect nothing, roll with the punches, laugh at your shortcomings (because you can’t control most of them anyway!) and bounce back with the strength that goes with embracing your idiosyncrasies. You are perfectly peculiar.

But, if lists are still your thing, in the absence of traditional New Year’s Resolutions, here are 18 Things That You Won’t Change in the New Year. Some of these endearing quirks may undeniably identify with you, but they remain part of how you champion living your life to the fullest. You won’t get rid of them anytime soon!

  1. 1. Surrendering to stay in your pajamas all day when you don’t have to leave the house — because we all go back to bed eventually.

  2. 2. Ranting and raving obscenities behind the wheel at the bad drivers you come across, with the safety of having the windows rolled up. With all your (impolite) opinions, you could write a weekly editorial column cleverly titled “Drivers Ed.”

  3. 3. Giving yourself high fives and affirmation out loud, in the third person tense, after you accomplish everyday tasks, because #adulting!

  4. 4. Finding you’ve reached the third day in a row of not washing your hair, but it’s okay because sleep is precious and dry shampoo is the best invention of the 21st century.

  5. 5. Finding amusement in embarrassing your teenager (without trying) when they try to look cool in public places.

  6. 6. Laughing at your own jokes.

  7. 7. Finding your keys after a frantic search in ridiculously creative hiding places, like the fridge.

  8. 8. Freaking out that you’re late while forgetting that you set the clocks fifteen minutes ahead — because you usually are late.

  9. 9. Rewarding your workout with a glass of wine.

  10. 10. Obsessing for hours over your Pinterest DIY boards, but being content that you’re not letting yourself actually do the projects — because you doubt you’d finish them.

  11. 11. Simultaneously mastering the art of cleaning the bathroom and karaoke while the dog watches you, quietly cringing.

  12. 12. Laughing uncontrollably when your child take their toys for a swim in the potty.

  13. 13. Compulsively refreshing your social media notification feed because you know you just posted a pic of epic Like-worthy proportion.

  14. 14. Yelling out all of your children’s names before you get to the right one — the kid you’re actually yelling to. The third (or fifth) time is always a charm, and at least now, they’re all paying attention.

  15. 15. Reserving a 3-second dance in celebration when you finish a task around the house (Woot!).

  16. 16. Asking your dog if you’re right, because he’ll always agree with you (especially if you have food).

  17. 17. Realizing how exhausted you are when you find yourself subconsciously singing your kid’s favorite pop songs in the shower.

  18. 18. Your zany, emotional, unedited and authentic love-drunk life. You wouldn’t change it for the world.