Not all heroes wear capes.

1. Getting the cap on the marker before they run out of the room or seconds before it makes contact with the wall, your couch, their pants…

epic saves image1

2. The one-arm grab for the pacifier before it hits the floor in the airport/transit station/[insert your worst nightmare germ-ridden surface here].

3. Spotting your kid’s “I’m going to puke face” before they hurl all over their flower girl dress and your niece’s wedding dress.

epic saves image2

4. Reclaiming possession of child before they spit up on friend or family member. You are used to it, what’s another one more. Then catching the spit up in your hand. Bonus points for getting it into a bag or any other receptacle.

epic saves image3

5. Getting the stain out of their I-refuse-to-wear-anything-else t-shirt.

epic saves image4

6. Intercepting your child before they’ve cut off too much of their hair for the stylist to cut it into anything but a bowl cut.

epic saves image5

7. Finding the missing lovey before bedtime.

epic saves image6

8. Washing their favorite lovey/shirt/blanket and returning it to its place before child wakes up from a nap. No harm no foul.

epic saves image7

9. Effectively distracting them at the grocery store before they rub their sticky, snotty hands all over every.single.piece. of fruit and take down all the cereal boxes.

epic saves image8

10. Catching the sippy cup as they toss it from the highchair without it turning into a game of toss the sippy cup.

epic saves image9

11. Intercepting the flinging fist of spaghetti. Transitioning to real food (instead of baby food) was supposed to make life easier.

epic saves image10

12. Diverting your child who refused to wear rain boots from the puddle on the way to the bus stop.

epic saves image11

13. Avoiding the crash! bang! of the falling pots and pans you are attempting to put away by dropping to the floor and cushioning their blow with your entire body. The baby just went down 10 minutes ago.

14. Wiping their snotty nose before they go in for the hug, saving your shoulder from snot.

epic saves image12

15. Making it to the bathroom. Any time. During potty training.

Parents make amazing saves every day, but for those that go awry and all the near misses, Clorox is there to clean up the mess.