Your kid may be too cute to SPOOK, but their stains certainly aren’t!

By Jennifer Lizza of Outsmarted Mommy

Halloween is right around the corner. For kids, it’s one of the best days of the year. They get to dress up as the person, object or thing they want to be most. As if the dress-up part isn’t cool enough, they also get to walk around and ask people for candy. And when they ask for candy, they actually get it. It’s like a dream!


Parents, on the other hand, are preparing themselves for last-minute costume changes, kids are hopped up on way too much sugar and, of course, the cleanup.

There is always a massive cleanup. No matter how simple you try to keep the costumes, or the decorations and the class party, there are inevitably going to be spills, stains and fire (OK, there might not be fire, but you get the point).

Here are the 10 costumes that are truly a parent’s worst nightmare:

1. All costumes for babies. That’s right, whether you are dressing up your new little bundle of joy as a pumpkin, a lobster or a strawberry, baby costumes are the worst! Can you say “diaper blowout”? Sure you can. Every baby has one at some point; and if your baby hasn’t had one yet, you can bet ALL your Halloween candy that their first will claim your lovingly handmade lobster costume — and it will not be pretty.

2. Vampire costumes. It’s not so much the costume itself that makes it the worst — it’s the fake blood that seems to get all over every surface the vampire touches. You will spend a good amount of time worried that one of the kids at the party has a pretty bad open wound until you remember that your little Johnny is walking around with fake blood because, “Mom, what’s a vampire without blood?”

3. Clown costumes. First of all, clowns are just creepy to me (I’m sorry, but they are). On top of that, they wear a ton of makeup. Makeup on a kid winds up being makeup on your blouse, your couch, your dog AND your walls. Don’t ask me how I know this, but let’s just say I’m still having nightmares from Halloween two years ago.

4. Princess costumes. Their fairytale ends with one word: GLITTER! Glitter will be everywhere. Glitter will stick around longer than your Uncle Eddie does on Christmas.

5. Any costume that requires spray-on hair color. Yes, there is hair dye that comes in a spray can — it’s easy enough to apply. But once your rock-star or witch takes to the shower, your white porcelain will be anything but white. Of course, that’s not even the worst part! Take a look at the pillowcase your child decided to lie on while she waited for the vampire to be done in the bathroom.

6. Last-minute homemade costumes. Glue guns, stencils, markers, paint, cotton balls and sequins are hard enough to work with when you’re not under pressure (and by the way, your superhero costume is your everyday outfit). Add a timer to these ingredients and something is bound to go awry. The glue gun and the cotton balls will take on a life of their own. And the sequins will be out to get you. Trust me.

7. Light-colored costumes. Kids are adorable dirt magnets. When you stick kids in costumes that need to stay clean in order to be recognizable — think bride, ghost, mummy — you are just asking for a major meltdown after the first mud puddle. What are the chances of a mud puddle, you ask? Have you ever met a child? I rest my case.

8. Any costume with a mask. Kids like to stay in character. Try giving fruit punch to a kid who refuses to remove her mask because it will ruin her ENTIRE costume. Epic fail.

9. Costumes with too many zippers, buttons or snaps. Time is not on your side if you have a newly potty-trained child in a costume that is entirely too complicated to remove. Suddenly the adorable penguin costume becomes a situation of epic proportions, causing you to dislike penguin documentaries for the rest of eternity.

10. Last but not least, the non-costume. Worn by the kid who thinks he’s too old for an actual costume but not too old for trick or treating. It’s the final costume. It’s the costume that makes all the years before it seem like nothing because, in the end, you realize the mess wasn’t a big deal.

The big deal was all the Halloweens full of laughter and memories.

You will miss the Halloweens full of stains and messes, but mostly full of memories that you will look back on and cherish when you are forced to watch anything with a penguin or a clown.

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