The new "it" bottle from the makers of Tilex® products

Great before, super bottle after. With new SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY, you can Spray every drop.™

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Clorox Clean Up Cleaner with Bleach
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The one thing that changed everything.

SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY is a built in tube that gets all the way to the bottom of the bottle – so you don't have to. No more tilting, transferring or any other crazy maneuvers to get that last drop of cleaning goodness. It's all about getting the full value of what you bought. And with SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY you can have it all, literally.

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Show me how to refill my SMART TUBE® bottle.

This video will help you refill all your Clorox® SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY spray bottles from Clorox, Formula 409, Tilex and Green Works.

Meet the entire collection.

Clorox® has given these same great brands a fabulous new makeover — thanks to New SMART TUBE® technology.

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