Our Commitment


Playing a big role in many critical

Clorox bleach has a wide range of sanitation uses that you might find surprising. As the world's most available disinfectant, it plays a special role in a variety of unique environmental cases.

We are proud to provide bleach used in these efforts and are committed in helping raise awareness about these issues.

California Oaks
Saving the vanishing oak.

The namesake oak trees in downtown Oakland are being killed by a pathogen that infects their water supply. The California Department of Forestry uses bleach to help prevent the spread of the disease. In addition to supplying bleach, Clorox has funded a program to help tree-planting groups and to increase awareness by bringing the story of the vanishing oak trees to 4000 schools throughout the state.


Endangered Frogs

Clorox has teamed up with Animal Planet to help fund a multimedia project calling attention to a deadly fungus that is destroying frog and amphibian populations. All the tools used in the frog rescue are disinfected with Clorox bleach to help prevent the spread.

California Rice Commission
Helping the legacy live on.

Clorox was contacted by The California Rice Commission to help provide a solution to controlling a fungus, Fusarium fujikuroi, which causes rice crops to fail to germinate. Clorox provided its product, Clorox Commercial Solutions.