Our Story

Our story starts

100 years ago

The future looks brighter than ever.

For the last century, Clorox has been an integral part of American households. But, it’s never been about just cleaning — it’s about striving.


Causes We ♥

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of families all across America.

Safe Water in Peru

We are leading an effort to address the chronic problem of unsafe drinking water.

Our Commitment

Playing a big role in many critical issues.

Flu Prevention

We are committed to helping families stay healthy.

Keeping kids healthier

at school and home

Clorox® Classrooms

We've worked with a group of experts to create fun ideas to help educate kids, teachers and parents on healthy habits. Check them out to see how you can help wipe out germs at school and at home.

Our history

 waaaay back

Our story started 100 years ago

 waaaay back

Our story started 100 years ago

Few companies survive a century, and fewer still have made as many significant contributions as ours. Our history makes quite the story: for generations Clorox® products and clean have gone hand in hand.

Fact vs. myth

The truth about bleach

Many people think bleach harms the environment, and most people have a fundamental misunderstanding of the chemistry of household disinfecting bleach. We give you all the facts and demystify the common misconceptions around bleach.

What's new

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Want the latest information about Clorox? You’ve come to the right place.

Corporate 411

The people behind the bottle

The people behind the bottle

We take our commitment to our employees, consumers, the environment and investors very seriously – that’s why we are always striving to make The Clorox® Company a better place to work.


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Whether you’re a talker, typer, or tweeter, we have a direct line for you to contact us. Hit us up with any comments, suggestions or questions. If you are looking for additional information about our products, please click here.


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