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Get the latest on all things Clorox.

Clorox Enterovirus D68 Update

Enterovirus (EV-D68) is one of many non-polio enteroviruses and is a member of the picornavirus family of viruses, which are small non-enveloped RNA viruses. Other viruses in the same family include coxsackievirus, echovirus, poliovirus and rhinovirus.

New Clorox® Bleach Product for Whites and More* Puts A Colorful Spin on a Classic at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Clorox® Bleach, best known for keeping the iconic tighty whitey white, is breaking all the laundry rules this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week revealing a signature “Cloey De La Rox” line of updated undies via Vine for the first-of-its-kind Vine-based underwear fashion show. Under the nom de plume of faux fashion designer “Cloey De La Rox,” the makers of Clorox® Bleach are celebrating their first foray into patterns, stripes and dots to highlight the debut of new Clorox® Smart Seek™ Bleach.

Clorox MERS Update

The MERS-CoV situation in the U.S. represents a very low risk to the general public at this time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health partners continue to investigate and respond to the changing situation to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV in the U.S.

Clorox® Puts the “Ick” in Improv via an Online “Ick-Prov” Comedy Event

Second City® Communications and comedienne Rachel Dratch helps to bring consumers’ ickiest moments to life through personalized content based on real-time tweets.