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Disinfect dirty toys with Clorox® Regular Bleach.

Play nice with your little one’s toys by keeping them squeaky clean: Disinfect washable colorfast plastic toys with a solution of ½ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach per gallon of water. Soak for 5 minutes, rinse and air dry.

Put the lid on BBQ stains, ASAP.

Did you serve up not-so-well-done BBQ sauce stains on white clothes or table linens at your housewarming party? Here’s how to remove em: Pretreat with Clorox® Bleach Pen® Gel for whites. Then wash on the hottest recommended water setting along with your favorite detergent and Clorox® Scented Bleach for that fresh, clean smell.

Make an ink stain go poof.

You put it in ink—literally. Here’s how to get ink and marker stains out of your favorite white shirt: Add ½ cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach to a standard size washer following detergent. If dispenser is available, fill to the maximum level. Add laundry.

Removing Sunscreen Stains

Q:  We have some Hawaiian Tropic® Sunscreen and it seems to stain all our whites orange when they come in contact with sweat.  Not the whole garment just around the neck or arms or sweat 'zones'.  How do I get these stains out?

A: For sunscreen stains, ...Read More

Whitening handkerchiefs

How much bleach should be used to whiten handkerchiefs and how long should I soak them?

A great bleach soaking solution for white bleachable laundry is ¼ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach per gallon of water (or if you are using new Concentrated Clorox® Re ...Read More

Lightening Blue Jeans

Q. Could you please tell me how to lighten a pair of medium-colored Levi blue jeans?

A. There are several approaches that could work to lighten the color in your jeans. It depends on the "look" you are after. I am assuming you want kind of a uniform color. For that, a bleach soak is you ...Read More