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How to Thoroughly Remove Urine Stains

How to Thoroughly Remove Urine Stains

Tips for cleaning up after your furry friends

Have you ever cleaned up a mess and wondered if you actually CLEANED the mess?

Even though it may look like your furry friend’s little accident is all gone, we have the tips to make sure your home is fully rid of any stains, odors and ick that come along with these all too common indoor accidents.

  • Step 1: Before using any products, make sure you have checked the area you are treating for colorfastness. What’s that?*
  • Step 2: Wipe away any excess pee on the area. Blot the mess with a towel or cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible.
  • Step 3: Use Clorox® Urine Remover to spray directly onto the mess. Spray until the mess is completely saturated. Let stand for 3–5 minutes.
  • Step 4: Get a towel damp with water, and wipe the treated area dry.
  • Step 5: Repeat if necessary. Some accidents are bigger than others and may need to be sprayed again!

Important things to note:

  • a. Keep children and pets away from treated area until dry.
  • b. This product is safe for all colorfast upholstery, carpets and fabrics.
  • c. Do not use on silk or leather.

*Check your carpets, mattresses or upholstery for colorfastness to avoid discoloring.

Here’s what to do:

Put 2 teaspoons of Clorox® Regular Bleach1 in ¼ cup of water. Find a hidden part of the carpet, mattress or upholstery you are testing. Put just a drop on this hidden area, wait one minute and then dry with a towel. Don’t see any color change? Then you’ve passed the test! If you do see some change in color, this will show you much your area will discolor if you chose to treat it.

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