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More on New Clorox® UltimateCare™ Premium Bleach

I’m so excited about this product that I had to dedicate two posts to it! Here is some more detail on our newest product.

There is the PACKAGE. We needed something to compliment and show off this special product. Tami and her team pulled out all the stops on this one.

  • It starts with the great shaped bottle to hold the 30 or 90oz of Clorox® Ultimate Care Bleach. Coming soon, a 168oz size for the club stores.
  • Then they added a drain-back feature like most liquid detergents to make it easier to pour or pretreat.
  • Finally, a single-dose measuring cap. No more guess work on whether you’re adding the correct amount.

Now, hopefully you should better understand why we are so excited and why we call it the UNEXPECTED BLEACH!

Who will be interested in this new product?

We think this product will have a very broad range of customer appeal.

  • Current Bleach Users – They will love that we kept the great cleaning, whitening, stain and soil removal benefits and added all the new goodies.
  • Busy Moms – Wow, the versatility and time saving potential of this product calls out to her. For her family laundry, it means being able to pour it directly on bleachable fabrics and also is much easier to pretreat when needed. Want to teach teenagers to do their own laundry? Everybody should learn to use bleach and this makes that job a lot easier and less stressful for the teacher.
  • Newlyweds – A lot of the same things as busy moms plus an easy way to introduce bleach usage to your new husband.
  • Fashion Conscious – White is the newest fashion trend! Just ask my friend Robert Verdi, the official fashion and style expert for E! Networks and host of E! Entertainment’s Fashion Police. Working professionals pay top dollar for their wardrobe and keeping those new white office and play clothes looking great is perfect for Clorox® Ultimate Care Bleach.

Clorox® Ultimate Care Bleach was made for anyone who wants GREAT laundry results. I think it truly is “The UNEXPECTED BLEACH!”

I’m really looking forward to hearing your experiences after trying this product.