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As I mentioned in my previous posting, we have a new laundry product on the market, called Clorox 2® for Colors Free & Clear. The great thing about this product is that helps keep your colors as bright as your whites are white, without the use of perfumes or dyes. Just like Clorox2® Bleach for Colors you can pretreat stains and soils and/or add it to your wash.

Clorox2 Free & Clear is made with no fragrance or perfumes added. This product fits the theme of other perfume and color free laundry detergents such as Tide® Free, Dreft®, and all® Free Clear to name a few. Many people are ultra sensitive and are looking for products without scents or dyes. Clorox2 Free & Clear is a good laundry additive compliment to these detergents. It’s also great for use in the laundry when you don’t want the scent of your laundry additives to interfere with a detergent or fabric softener scent.

Keep an eye out for Clorox 2® for Colors Free & Clear the next time you’re in the laundry aisle!