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Bleach Usage in HE Machines


I just purchased a GE Top-Loading Infusion HE washer. I normally use Clorox bleach with my white towels, but I am confused as to how much bleach to use. With the smaller amount of water used in the wash cycle, how much bleach should I add?


Good for you for rethinking your wash habits with your new machine–adapting clothes washing habits to new High Efficiency technology definitely takes some thought since so many things have changed, such as the smaller amount of water and the dependence on dispensers to add laundry products being the most drastic. I would start by checking the bleach dispenser to see if it has a “max fill level” on it, and using that amount. Also, reviewing the owner’s manual for correct bleach dispenser usage (it should tell you the dispenser’s capacity), and information on when the dispenser adds the bleach to the cycle, should be helpful. Good luck with your new washer, and let me know how it goes!