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Using Washing Machine Cleaner


How should one use Clorox ® Washing Machine Cleaner in a washing machine without a bleach dispenser?


I am assuming you have a standard deep-fill washer since you don’t have a bleach dispenser.  Begin by selecting a hot water cycle, and start the washer (be sure it is empty).  Once you have a little water in the bottom of the tub, you can add Clorox® Washing Machine Cleaner directly to the washer tub—the correct amount to use is 1 cup.  Also, be sure to select an extra rinse cycle. If this is not an option on your washer, then, after the cycle you selected runs to completion, manually select a rinse cycle and start the washer again.  This helps ensure that no bleach is left in the washer. 

How many readers have a washing machine without a bleach dispenser?