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Summer time is coming to a close…

With summer coming to a close, not only is it time to put away your summer whites, it’s also back to school season! During the next few weeks, we will feature some tips on how to best prepare for the end of summer and some of those pesky back-to-school stains. If you have any school stains you would like to see covered, be sure to leave a comment or submit the stain in the “Ask Dr. Laundry” box.

To start, I wanted to feature some tips on the best ways to store summer apparel to ensure items are fresh and ready-to-wear for the next spring/summer season!

  • Be sure items are thoroughly dry when you pack them away. This is critical because any moisture trapped in clothing can allow mildew to develop during storage. Be diligent and check parts of garments that take longer to dry, like the inside hood of a sweatshirt.
  • Ideally, hang items for storage in garment bags. This will protect them from collecting dust, and limit wrinkles.
  • If you will be using storage bins, choose containers with tight fitting lids to keep dust out. Pack items loosely to reduce the need to steam away wrinkles next summer.
  • Generally, cotton and linen fabrics (as well as silk and synthetics) are naturally resistant to moths.  You can still add a few cedar drawer liners to your garment bag or storage bin to add a nice scent to your stored clothes.

What do you do before putting away your summer clothes?